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Benefits of Installing New Roofing | New Roofs in Farnham Blog

If you’ve noticed major signs of damage to the current roofing system of your Farnham property, you may be considering new roof installations. With our experience as a roofing company, MI Roofing and Waste Disposal Ltd uses the following materials for our new roofs:

  • Bargeboards and Box Ends

  • Battens and Membranes

  • Chimneys Stacks

  • Clay Tiles

  • Concrete Tiles

  • Dry Ridges and Verges

  • EPDM Liquid Rubber

  • Fascias and Soffits

  • GRP Fibreglass

  • Leadwork and Flashing

  • Natural Slates

  • New Guttering

  • Roof Insulation

  • Single-Ply Roofing

  • Skylights and Velux Windows

  • Synthetic Slates

  • Timber Trusses

  • Torch-On Felt

There are many reasons why you should invest in a new roofing system installation, whether you choose flat roofing or pitched roofing. We would like to cover some of the major benefits of installing new domestic roofs, some of which you may be aware of and some that may be new to you. After reading this, you should feel more confident in investing in new roofing.

Increased Property Value for New Roof Installations

For those looking to sell their Farnham property, a new roof is a visually appealing asset that boosts the curb appeal of the house and increases its value on the market. When combined with the other financial benefits of new roofing, you can get a huge 60-70% return on investment, essentially paying only a fraction of the new roof installation in the long run.

Cost-effective and Energy-efficient Domestic Roofs

New roofs are well-insulated, leaving no gaps for heat to escape and keeping the house warmer for longer. This can help reduce the amount you spend on your monthly energy bills, especially during cold periods in autumn and winter. New roofing is stronger than older roofing systems and is more capable of supporting solar panelling, if you want to pursue renewable energy options. You’re also less likely to need roof repairs and maintenance, so you can save money in that respect as well.

Roofing System Installations for Safer Living

By installing a new roof for your Farnham property, you can make your home a safer place to live. Older roofs are susceptible to roof leaks that lead to mould and mildew growth, which circulates in the air and impacts your immune system, leaving an unpleasant smell in the house. New roofs solve any leaky roof issues, improving your health and protecting your property’s decor in the process.

Besides minimising the issue of mould and mildew growth, investing in a new roof reduces the risk of tiles and roof beams becoming loose and unstable, as well as improved fire safety thanks to the use of fire-proof roofing materials. With all potential issues accounted for, you can feel much more comfortable in your home, knowing that you’re unlikely to suffer roofing damages in the near future.

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