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If you’re looking to increase the living space of your Farnham home, a new garden building could be a great addition. MI Roofing and Waste Disposal Ltd is a specialist in garden rooms, giving your property new purpose and functionality. As our name suggests, we primarily operate as a professional roofing contractor. However, this is a particular area of passion for us. With our experience in garden room construction, some examples for a new garden room include:

  • Cinema Room

  • Games Room

  • Garden Studio

  • Hidden Annex

  • Home Gym

  • Home Office

  • Pub or Bar

  • Yoga Studio

You can view our gallery to see some of our previously completed garden room projects. 

Construction of a new garden room is a great opportunity to be creative and design a room that adds real value to your daily living. With this in mind, here are some ideas you might wish to include as part of a new garden building.

Garden Room Construction that Reflects Your Home

For many Farnham residents designing their new garden room, the look of this new building is an important aspect of the project. You could choose to mimic the style of your home to give a sense of consistency between the main part of your property and your new garden room. This could be advantageous for those looking to sell their home as a prospective buyer will likely like the garden room if they like the property as a whole. Equally, if selling your home isn’t on the cards, and you want to improve your enjoyment of the property, you can create a room that’s refreshingly different from the rest of it.

Should Your Garden Building be Multi- or Single Purpose Use?

Visualise how you want to use your new garden when it’s finished. Some garden rooms, such as a garden studio or home gym, have an obvious primary function as a dedicated space for a hobby or activity. This will be preferable for some people, although if you want to create something more flexible, you may want to factor that into your design. For example, you could make a space that’s used as both a home office and a guest bedroom. Having an idea of this purpose in mind will be important when making other decisions in the planning phase of the project.

Let the Light in

A real asset for garden rooms is their location. Although it’s an interior space, a garden building is part of the outdoor space on your Farnham property, and you can make it feel better connected to the garden by adding large glass windows and doors. This can help bring lots of natural light into your garden room and make you feel better connected with the outside world.

These are just a few ideas you could use when creating a new garden room. If you would like to discuss these further with our team or would like to share your own ideas for a garden room project, call us on 07731 358874.

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