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The Value of Torch-On Felt Roofs | Flat Roofs in Ascot Blog

MI Roofing and Waste Disposal Ltd is a reliable installer of new flat roofs in the Ascot area for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Flat roofing is becoming an increasingly popular roofing option, and we’re happy to accommodate for this with our services as a roofing company. Our team of professional roofers are adept at installing the following types of flat roofing:

  • GRP Roofs

  • Single-Ply Roofing

  • Torch-On Felt Roofs

To help our customers deepen their understanding of our flat roofing installations, we would like to provide you with more information about our torch-on felt roofing. By learning more about this form of roofing, you can make a better-informed decision on which form of roofing is best for you and your Ascot property.

What is Torch-On Felt?

Torch-on felt is one of the main forms of felt used for flat roofs, along with self-adhesive felt. As the name suggests, this form of roofing is made when three layers of bitumen felt are melt-welded onto the roof with a blow torch. The first layer is a vapour control sheet which is then combined with a reinforced felt layer and an additional cap sheet layer with a mineral finish applied to it. The bitumen used for the felt roofing can also be mixed with polyester or fibreglass to make for a sturdier compound material.

The Benefits of Torch-On Felt

When compared to GRP roofs and EPDM roofs, torch-on felt roofs are typically a low-cost alternative that offers similarly consistent performance. It’s easy to transport, apply and replace for a trained roofing contractor. Some roofing materials require fair weather conditions to securely install, whereas torch-on felt can be applied come rain or shine, ideal for typical UK weather. Similarly to GRP and EPDM roofing options, torch-on felt is known for its durability with many torch-on felt applications lasting for a minimum of 10 years and some up to 30 years and beyond. 

This type of roofing requires minimal roof repairs to keep it in good condition. Some repairs can easily be addressed by applying waterproof paint and sealant, allowing you to keep maintenance costs low. Ideal for Ascot residents who don’t wish to spend much to maintain their flat roofing system.

One attractive feature of torch-on felt flat roofs is their aesthetic versatility. When choosing a final protective layer for the felt, lead flashings and labour-intensive solar reflective paint can be applied, as well as a mineralised cap sheet for a pleasing finish.

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