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With a wide variety of new and old roofing systems on the UK market today, it can be hard to know which material will best suit your home or business. Flat roofs are a great option for garages, commercial buildings and unseen parts of your home, and they come in a variety of different brands and products.

A local roofing company, MI Roofing and Waste Disposal Ltd is proud to manage new roof installations with GRP fibreglass alongside our roof repairs and stunning garden rooms. When building new roofs, our professional roofers always recommend GRP fibreglass roofing, as it has a broad range of advantages when compared to its alternatives.

Active across Farnham and the wider Hampshire area, we offer competitive quotes for a variety of convenient roofing services. Here are three reasons why we prefer GRP fibreglass for flat roofs:

  • Low Maintenance 

  • Exceptional Durability

  • Highly Versatile


Low Maintenance

A key advantage of a GRP fibreglass roof is its extremely low maintenance. Requiring little more than a brush down every few months to remain in pristine condition, fibreglass roofs are highly resilient and need little attention to remain fully functional.

Fibreglass roofs are quick and easy to repair, making them an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional felt flat roofs.

Active in Farnham, our roofing company specialises in roof repairs and new roofs and we are also Leka approved installers of garden rooms. Our roofers are always happy to talk through the options for garden buildings, storm damage repairs for flat and pitched roofs and new roof installations if you wish to find out more.

Exceptional Durability

Resistant to UV rays, heat and freezing temperatures, as well as being fire proof, it is hard to find a more durable roofing material to build a flat roof with. With the right care, GRP fibreglass roofs can last well past thirty years.

Excellent for rooftop access areas, reinforced roofs will not tear or rip underfoot, and can even be installed with a non-slip finish for added safety.

Used to create boat hulls, GRP offers unmatched waterproofing capabilities and will handle periods of extreme weather with ease. We always recommend this material for industrial rooftops in the Farnham area.

Highly Versatile

Unlike felt roofing, GRP fibreglass has a cold installation process, making it much safer, but also more versatile. Applied in hand-cut sheets and layered to create a watertight seal, fibreglass roofing can be tailored to complex configurations, and moulded around vents and air conditioning units.

Also available in a selection of different colours, GRP is much more flexible and customisable than traditional flat roofing materials. Our roofing company is not alone in rating GRP fibreglass as the superior material for flat roofs.

Whether you need new roofs, roof repairs or garden rooms, MI Roofing and Waste Disposal is here with a comprehensive package of roofing repairs for your Farnham property.

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